MBTI® Certification Program


Trainers and Educators

When you offer a program or teach a class, you know those who attend will differ from one another in the ways they learn and perform in class. Some will have prepared ahead of time, and others will wait for the interactive "here and now" experience.

Yet surprisingly, many trainers and educators don't know there is a proven and systematic way to speak to everyone's learning style through the theory of psychological type.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment identifies an individual's preferences on four equally valuable but different scales. And what a person naturally prefers has implications for learning and personal development.

When you complete the MBTI® Certification Program you will be qualified to purchase and use the assessment in order to teach others how to be more effective in their life-long learning. You will learn:

  • About each of the 16 personality types and how the four preferences combine for each one
  • How to use MBTI results for individual feedback and teaching others about the many ways type can be used or applied
  • The dynamic theory that underlies the assessment
  • Practical uses in many settings, including schools, businesses and organizations of all sizes
  • Techniques to empower your clients and students and validate their individual style of exploration and engagement

Here are some reasons this program will enhance your success as a trainer or teacher:

  • Credibility: The MBTI assessment is widely used in corporations, schools, and organizations throughout the world and is administered extensively each year.
  • Versatility: The personality types of all people, regardless of age or culture, can be identified and used to increase productivity and engagement with individuals, teams, and small or large groups.
  • Applicability: The Certification program provides access to numerous MBTI related publications and resources developed to help with facilitating communication, team building, improving decision making, employee retention, leadership development, and conflict management.

Darren Gregory
Corporate Trainer in Transition