MBTI® Certification Program


Managers, HR Professionals

Organizations thrive when the people within them are given the opportunity to maximize their skills and talents.

Your people look to you to provide clear communication in a way that generates positive team-building as well as personal growth. When conflicts arise, you will be expected to steer the interaction to a successful resolution.

When leaders, managers, and co-workers have knowledge of and understand the natural personality differences that occur between people, they will find more appreciation for diverse approaches and greater organizational success.

Attending an MBTI® Certification Program will give you the skills you need to help maximize your employees' and co-workers' talents and appreciate the perspectives of those who are different from themselves, which leads to increased satisfaction in the workplace. When you enroll in this program you will learn:

  • About each of the 16 personality types and how the four preferences combine for each person
  • How to use MBTI results for individual feedback, personal development, leadership training, team-building skills, and more
  • The dynamic and systematic theory that underlies the assessment
  • Practical uses for business and organizations, including employee development and retention

Here are some reasons this program will enhance your success as a manager or HR professional:

  • Credibility: The MBTI assessment is widely used in corporations, schools, and organizations throughout the world and is administered extensively each year.
  • Versatility: The personality types of all people, regardless of age or culture, can be identified and used to increase productivity and engagement with individuals, teams, and small and large groups.
  • Applicability: The Certification program provides access to numerous MBTI related publications and resources developed to support such needs as facilitating communication, team-building, improving decision making, employee retention, leadership development, and conflict management.

Sarin Kaloustian
Sr. HR Manager