MBTI® Certification Program


Consultants, OD Professionals

When you have been hired as a consulting professional one of the first things you will do is assess the situation.

Gathering information for the recommendations you ultimately make will include interviews with managers, key employees, and other stakeholders. You need to do a thorough job, but you also want to be as efficient as possible. As you know, with consulting professionals time means money.

When you attend an MBTI® Certification Program you will quickly see how learning about the different psychological type preferences will improve your ability to develop targeted strategies for your work. It will broaden the questions you ask, uncover unique perspectives, and help you to better meet the needs of clients, thus increasing your value and marketability to current and prospective clients.

When you enroll in the MBTI® Certification Program, you will learn:

  • About each of the 16 personality types and how the four preferences combine for each one
  • How to use MBTI results for individual feedback, coaching, and more
  • The dynamic and systematic theory that underlies the assessment
  • Practical uses for business and organizational applications

Here are some reasons this program will enhance your success as a consultant, or show your supervisor how attending this program will be beneficial for the entire organization.

  • Credibility: The MBTI assessment is well-known in corporations and organizations throughout the world and is administered extensively each year.
  • Versatility: The personality types of all people, regardless of age or culture, can be identified and used to increase productivity and engagement with individuals, teams, and small or large groups.
  • Applicability: The Certification program provides access to numerous MBTI related publications and resources developed to support such needs as facilitating communication, team-building, improving decision making, employee retention, leadership development, and conflict management.

Megan Dias
Employee Training, Development & Leadership Programs