MBTI® Certification Program


The MBTI® Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument is administered by trained professionals all over the world and is the most widely used personality assessment of its kind.

It is based on well-researched and validated work related to personality theory and has proven applications and outcomes in a variety of fields, including:

  • Human resources: improving employee engagement and retention
  • Organizational development: increasing effectiveness through diversified planning
  • Management consulting: improving company-wide performance
  • Personal coaching: enhancing personal and professional development
  • Leadership development: providing a common language for supporting teams
  • Team building: developing greater mutual respect, appreciation, and support
  • Education and learning: advancing differentiated ways of communicating with students
  • Counseling for individuals and families: accepting and appreciating differences

The MBTI® Certification Program consists of four days of training where you and other program participants learn the necessary information to begin using the Indicator with others. You will learn how to administer and interpret the MBTI® Step I and the MBTI® Step II assessments. The Step I results are scored for the four basic type preferences, and the Step II assessment provides a more in-depth view of each individual's personality through a more nuanced approach involving the measuring of facets.

The four-day workshop is highly interactive. There are small group activities and opportunities for practicing, using and interpreting results with other program participants. By the end of the course program participants will have verified their own type and learned the power of using type with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Program content includes

Introducing the MBTI® Assessment

  • The MBTI assessment's pioneering focus on positive psychology
  • Theory and development
  • Research evidence for validity and reliability
  • Understanding the psychometric aspects of the assessment
  • Using results appropriately and ethically

Administering and Interpreting the MBTI® Assessment

  • Choosing the best form for different situations and settings
  • Clarifying the meaning of Step I and Step II results
  • Learning to verify and find best-fit type with individuals who have taken the assessment
  • Exploring type dynamics and development
  • Recognizing type and stress interactions
  • Learning about activities for use with individuals, teams, and work groups

By participating in this highly interactive, comprehensive, four-day program you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your own and others' personality preferences
  • Practice how to administer and interpret the MBTI assessment
  • Build confidence in presenting type theory and explore MBTI application tips and exercises
  • Receive a practitioner's starter kit for immediate success—including presentation slides, books, and informational booklets to be used with clients
  • Earn CE hours from several professional organizations
  • Become eligible to purchase and administer the MBTI assessment upon successful completion of the course